Charlotte Pokorny

Piano/Vocal Instruction

With over two decades of teaching experience, Corrin has mastered the art of music instruction with a fun and vibrant atmosphere. 

Charlotte has been taking piano and voice lessons with me since she was a peanut. She is still petite enough to be considered a peanut, but only in stature. This little lady is STRONG. She is DETERMINED. And she is ready to WORK. No matter how challenging the task I put before her, and if needed, with gritted teeth, Charlotte will accomplish the goal. As a teacher, I admire those qualities and together we make great progress. However, the sweet spirit and sensitive nature she possesses is what truly melts my heart. Every. Single. Week. It is with that sweetness she is able to turn hard work into beautiful, emotion-filled music.

I know it's cliche for a teacher to say they are inspired by their students, but cliche or not, it is the truth. Charlotte's tenacity and endurance is second to none.

I also have the pleasure of teaching her brother, Jack, and he was more than eager to give a statement on her behalf: "She’s a way better piano player than I am."

Outside piano, she is a straight A student and involved in multiple extracurriculars, including dance, gymnastics and her all time favorite: flag football.

Rock Star of the Month

She utilizes classic tools and techniques while incorporating current technology in order to offer productive, yet relevant instruction. The students of her private studio are consistently preparing for their next performance opportunity. She offers recitals throughout the year and will also help students prepare for their personal musical endeavors. With around the year instruction, the studio of Corrin Barnett is thriving with a lively and vibrant atmosphere where learning is not work, but enjoyment. To join the fun, set up a consultation lesson now.