Rock Star of the Month


Where do I begin with this cool cat? Gavin never ceases to amaze me with his determination to be a rock star. My absolute favorite part of his lesson is the moment I finish my instruction and he pulls out something wonderful and random. He will demonstrate pieces he has written from weekly moments of inspiration. He will go the extra mile and write out the music on staff paper notating dynamics, rhythms and lyrics. He will pick out the piano parts "by ear" to songs he learns in his school choir. He has even brought a fife--Yes, you read correctly, A FIFE, to one lesson to show me other self-taught pieces. I am certain I will continue to be enlightened by this young musician. He is eager to learn and is one of the most reliable students I have ever had the joy of teaching.

I have also had the pride and pleasure of witnessing Gavin's successes and musical exception beyond my studio walls. His music teachers recognize his talent and honor his hard work by calling on him to perform in school functions and church masses. It is always rewarding to see your student highlighted, but Gavin supplements that by adding excellence to whatever he does. He performs confidently, accurately and beautifully every time he takes the stage. I am lucky to be his teacher. Continue to Rock On, Gavin!!! We, especially I, love being your audience!

Piano/Vocal Instruction

With over two decades of teaching experience, Corrin has mastered the art of music instruction with a fun and vibrant atmosphere. 

She utilizes classic tools and techniques while incorporating current technology in order to offer productive, yet relevant instruction. The students of her private studio are consistently preparing for their next performance opportunity. She offers recitals throughout the year and will also help students prepare for their personal musical endeavors. With around the year instruction, the studio of Corrin Barnett is thriving with a lively and vibrant atmosphere where learning is not work, but enjoyment. To join the fun, set up a consultation lesson now.